July 21st 2023, 18:12Current reports

Current report 7/2023

Pursuant to the printout from the central database of the registration department of the Tartu County Court dated 21 July 2023, and in accordance with the Statute of ATLANTIS SE _hereinafter referred to as the “Company”_, the Company was filed with the registration department of the Tartu County Court on 02.01.2019 under the registry code 14633855, Tallinn, Harju county, Kesklinna district, Tornimäe str 5, 10145, Estonia with the share capital of 33 750 000 euros, which is divided into 337 500 000 non par value shares.
The circle of shareholders entitled to participate at the general meeting has been established as at 23:59 of 14 July 2023 _the date of fixing the list_. According to the share ledger of the Company as at 23:59 of 14 July 2023, which is kept by NASDAQ CSD SE _Latvian registry code 40003242879_, the owner of 169 969 000 of the Company’s shares, it is Patro Invest OÜ _Estonian registration code 14381342_, which holds in its account 169 969 000 shares/votes without par value.
The holding of the general meeting of the Company is subject to § 296 of the Commercial Code, which stipulates that if the requirements of law or of the articles of association for calling a general meeting are violated, the general meeting shall not have the right to adopt resolutions except if all the shareholders participate in or all the shareholders are represented at the general meeting. Resolutions made at such meeting are void unless the shareholders, with respect to whom the procedure for calling the meeting was violated approve of the resolutions.
Therefore, the meeting has a quorum.

Attached are the Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders.


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A person representing the Company:
Damian Patrowicz, Member of the Management Board